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Andreas Tofteberg "En Handske Knyttet Af Menneskehår / A Glove Knitted With Human Hair"


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"Presentation of an overshadowing compulsion, the very first breeze of the suffocating absence of limits. The musical medium is supposed to work the same principles as virtual reality. You are made aware that you are somewhere else in this world. The white background is nothing but a declaration of nothingness; a blank piece of paper that cannot be drawn. It is now no longer an improbability that one's creative will has been consumed. This newfound emptiness, involuntarily forms patterns that one's physical and mental movements automatically adapts to. This naturalness is natural, and count on how much it will determine the conclusion."

Limited edition run of 100 piss yellow cassettes.

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01 Opdagelse Af Intet Sluttes / The Discovery Of An Edifice
02 Første Møde Med Veritabel Kultur / First Encounter With Veritable Culture
03 Der Begynder At Forme Sig Et Motiv På Hvid Baggrund / Inorganic Matter Is The Maternal Breast
04 Udfoldelse I Repetitiv Bevægelse / Inveterate Aversion
05 Bortførelser / Abductions
06 Tomme Færger Forbliver Så / The Indispensable Emptiness Of Growth
07 Jeg Ser, Og Det Fortsætter / My Observation Proceeds