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Angst Sessions "Dunklet I Dimman"


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Angst Sessions is the project of Daniel Silwerfeldt, from Sweden, producing dystopian melancholic 70's electronic music. Analog synths draped in massive layers of distortions, reverbs and old tape delays. He is also one-half of Den Sorte Død with releases on Anna Von Hauswolff's Pomperipossa records.

Dunklet I Dimman is an atmospheric record of five long, immersive tracks. The restrained compositions' careful use of space and time allow the beautiful tones of the vintage equipment to stand out front, giving the listener license to create and inhabit worlds, ranging from disaffected and cool, to uncomfortable and intimidating, to contemplative and funereal.

There are often hints of the sci-fi or horror movie soundtrack about the pieces, the at-once organic and inorganic synth lines paired with stripped-back percussion (usually either a singular kick or snare drum - if at all), evoke vintage John Carpenter and early Berliner school.

This record is available as a limited run of 100 white cassettes.

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01 Dunklet I Dimman
02 Svartare Än Svart
03 Depparstigen
04 Rannsakan
05 Barnet Utan Namn