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薔薇の葬列 "The World Is Reaching Its End"


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Yumi Yasuda, from Okayama, Japan, has been releasing her own brand of ambient noise music as 薔薇の葬列 (Bara No Sōretsu) since 2010.

The World Is Reaching Its End is a compilation of her self-released work to date and Taking Pleasure, a new EP created for the compilation and her first new material since 2013.

Her earliest releases Blacklight Beauty and Bizen Province are the product of looped guitar heavily-laden with effects to create engrossing pieces with blurred boundaries. Sometimes quiet, soft and delicate while at others more harsh and upfront, but always with a sense of melody and harmony.

With Unclear the use of synthesisers marked a distinctive change in direction and the result is two short tracks emotional to the point where everything feels almost on the verge of falling apart.

Taking Pleasure continues where Unclear left off and, by forcing her noise aesthetics and reverb-effected synthesisers into more-traditional pop-song structures, the result is her most complete and developed work to date. Four tracks of dense layered synth sounds and spoken word delivered in Japanese that sound like the introspective processing of memories.

This record is available as a limited run of 100 white cassettes.

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Blacklight Beauty (2010)01 Untitled 1
02 Untitled 2
03 "You Touched My Stomach"
04 Untitled 4
05 Untitled 5Bizen Province (2012)06 Bizen ProvinceUnclear (2013)07 What If I Don't Go Back To Normal?
08 Eye Mask
Taking Pleasure (2018)09 Find Ourselves
10 All There Was
11 Remain In Hiding
12 They Get Each Other