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Lake Ülemiste "Eutrophic"


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"In the spring of 2018, my energy was at an all time high. I wanted to see, hear and try everything, so I decided to do just that. With only a backpack and minimal equipment, I started recording sounds from all the places I visited. From short trips to the Danish seaside to wandering the streets of Hamburg. From my Grandmother's backyard in the English countryside to the New York City Subway. From a lighthouse in Portugal to intense summer downpours in Japan."

"I didn’t realise I was making a record, rather recording small moments from my adventures that made me fall in love. Eutrophic is the result of those moments."

Lake Ülemiste is the alias of Emilia Jasmin.

This record is available as a limited run of 100 gold cassettes and each comes with a small print of one of 10 accompanying photos.

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01 Õõnsus (Cavity)
02 Läikiv (Lustrous)
03 Võilill (Dandelion)
04 Ōis (Blossom)
05 Laine (Waves)
06 Öökull (Owl)
07 Soe Ōhk (Warm Air)
08 55.6726417 (1.1)