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Ljudlös "Lögner"


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Ljudlös is the solo project of Christian Kount, guitarist in leading neofolk act Cult Of Youth and goth-rock band The Hunt both on New York label Sacred Bones.

Lögner is Christian's first release as Ljudlös, a project that grew into fruition after relocating from New York to Stockholm, and the result of experimentation with vintage synthesisers and samples to create six tracks that span from industrial to drone.

The record is dark throughout and feels like a journey through the underworld. A world where church bells, rather than a call to prayer, are harsh and oppressive and paired with industrial crashes and overdriven drones. The chants of lost souls are overlaid with deep synth-generated percussion. Dark-atmospherics and gunshots invoke hunting on a wasteland but where it's not clear if we're the predator or the prey. Everything finally explodes into standout track Master Of The Temple, a frantic beat-driven sermon delivered to a screaming crowd.

This record is available as a limited run of 100 white cassettes.

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01 Field Of Night
02 Ten Words
03 Beyond Bliss
04 Fate Of The Father
05 Implies War
06 Master Of The Temple.