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William Strangeland "8336"


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William Strangeland is a staple part of the Los Angeles electronic-industrial scene and has been self-releasing records under this moniker since 2012, before which he was working as part experimental electronic duo Tearist (Thin Wrist Recordings).

His fourth full-length and his first on Year 22, 8336 is an exciting mix of industrial, darkwave and coldwave. Nine tracks that bring to mind almost Cronenbergian dystopian visions of the future. Tracks that sound like they could be the soundtrack to cult sci-fi movies you wish existed.

Incomprehensible heavily-distorted vocals cry and sneer out from behind bright arpeggiated synth lines and the sounds of mirrors breaking. Overdriven guitars and synths sit upon strictly programmed drum-machines. Neofolk-influenced track Empty Killing provides a singular organic moment before descending back into synthetics and silicon circuit-boards. The record ends with the distorted drones and tremolos of Tear In Dust.

This record is available as a limited run of 100 white cassettes.

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01 There Is A Hole
02 Nothing Left
03 Waste Not
04 Recursively
05 Waiting For Burn
06 Empty Killing
07 Inside Hidden
08 P Implies Q
09 Tear In Dust